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“If you don’t give up, you can never be defeated.”
– David Kurt McClain

Meet David:

David has been battling ALS for 15 years, three times the average life expectancy of the disease. His wife, Donna, is his primary caregiver and they have three adult children who spent their childhood fighting ALS alongside them.

David requires multiple machines to help him live. He uses a tube in his stomach to receive nutrition, a tube in his throat which connects to his breathing machine to allow him to breathe and a power wheelchair for mobility.

Two years ago, one of his last freedoms – the ability to communicate with his family and friends – was taken away by ALS. Heartbroken over not being able to communicate with their loved one, David’s family searched for help. They were devastated to learn the cost of David’s voice would be $15,000, the equivalent of two years of average grocery bills.

And here’s the thing: David’s voice is really important. He’s a leader. His ice bucket challenge video has over 290,000 views and counting. David has also written a book, compiled of his social media messages to friends, family, and the community at large called: Beyond the Rays of Hope to better help people understand ALS, and cope.

So when David’s family approached Brigance Brigade Foundation for support, we were honored to help. And “help” we did…

The Brigance Brigade Foundation worked with the device company to get David his voice back with a little bit of haggling, a little bit of funding, a little bit of creativity, and a dash of charm! Today, for the first time in years, David can communicate with his family again because of a new device and the Brigance Brigade Foundation’s efforts.

David’s wife, Donna, let us know that, “since having the [device], David has been able to communicate with us. He can tell us what his needs are, and the grandkids enjoy hearing his voice. They get really excited when they hear [David] say their names.”

This leader has the ability to communicate back, and his family has their leader back. We are so proud to have helped this wonderful family. Thank YOU for allowing Brigance Brigade Foundation to help families like David’s.

The Brigance Brigade Foundation cannot help families like David’s on our own. It is thanks to the 3,000+ donors that support us each year that we are able to provide hope and help to families in the toughest fight of their lives.

Will you support families like David’s right now with a gift to Brigance Brigade Foundation? We are so grateful for your consideration and partnership. Thank you.