About ALS

Veterans Information

 FAQ / Veterans Administration Policy: The Department of Veterans Affairs published regulations establishing ALS as a service connected disease. We encourage veterans with ALS to contact their local veteran’s service organization (VSO), such as the Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA), Disabled Veterans of America (DAV), or others, when applying for VA benefits. These organizations can provide guidance and assistance to veterans as they proceed through the application process.

Service Connected Benefits: Thanks to ALS advocates, key members of Congress, and the Department of Veterans Affairs, ALS has been listed as a disease entitled to presumptive service connection. This means that if a service member is diagnosed with ALS his or her condition will be presumed to have occurred during or been aggravated by military service and as such may be entitled to service connection and full benefits.

ALS in the Military: Unexpected Consequences of Military Service: The ALS Association has developed a report, “ALS in the Military: Unexpected Consequences of Military Service,” that details the numerous studies that have been conducted which have found that: Military veterans, regardless of the branch of service, regardless of the era in which they served, and regardless of whether they served during a time of peace or a time of war, are at a greater risk of dying from ALS than if they had not served in the military.