Brigance Brigade Foundation
Executive Plaza I, Suite 105
11350 McCormick Road
Hunt Valley, MD 21031
Phone: (410) 878-2030

For more information, please email:
Buying Xenical Online Uk

For press inquiries, please contact:
Eve Hemsley
Phone: 443-864-4246
Email: Kamagra Oral Jelly Buy Online
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O.J. Brigance was born on September 29, 1969 in Houston, Texas. He played college football at Rice University where he was a two-time All-Southwest Conference linebacker, and still holds the school’s title for career leader in tackles. O.J. began his professional career in the Canadian Football League (CFL) with the B.C. Lions in 1991, followed by two seasons with the Baltimore Stallions, where he was an All Pro in 1995 and helped win the Grey Cup championship.

O.J. began a 7 year career in the National Football League (NFL) by calling each of the teams himself until he received a ‘yes’ from the Miami Dolphins. Throughout his professional football career, O.J. played with the Dolphins, Baltimore Ravens, St. Louis Rams and New England Patriots; he made the first tackle of Super Bowl XXXV, helping the Ravens go on to victory.

Throughout his life, O.J. has remained focused on helping others. He has been involved in a number of different community organizations, including Habitat for Humanity, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Daily Food Bank, and was honored with the NFLPA’s Unsung Hero award in 1999 as well as receiving the Ed Block Courage Award in 2007. Most recently, O.J. was presented with Rice University’s 2012 Distinguished Alumni award, the PFWA’s 2014 George Halas Award, named a 2015 Influential Marylander by The Daily Record, and was honored as a 2016 NCAA Inspiration Award winner.

After retiring from the NFL, Brigance returned to the Baltimore Ravens as the Director of Player Development. Since 2010, Brigance has been the Senior Advisor to Player Engagement, a role he continues to fill today.

In 2007, after experiencing a numbness in his arm while playing racquetball, Brigance was diagnosed with ALS. Determined to continue to live his life to the fullest, and help others do the same, O.J. and his wife Chanda created the Brigance Brigade Foundation in 2008.

Chanda Brigance

A native of Houston, Texas, Chanda Brigance graduated from Texas Southern University with a B.A. in Business Management. After college, Chanda taught first grade for the Arch Diocese in Texas before marrying O.J. Brigance. Once they settled in Baltimore, Chanda managed special events including organizing initiatives and programs for Baltimore Ravens players, wives, coaches and front office staff.

A certified Professional Event Planner, Chanda founded her own events management and design company – Crowning Creations, LLC. Chanda was also a team leader with her church’s Hospitality Ministry.

Most recently, Chanda created the Brigance Brigade Foundation with her husband O.J. and has been focused on helping patients with ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease) and their families, while also raising awareness about the disease across the country.

Chanda’s Caregiver Corner, a program within the Brigance Brigade Foundation, was spearheaded by Chanda and created out of her own experience being a caregiver, and her desire to support other ALS caregivers in her situation. Today, caregivers from many states are involved in the Caregiver Corner and regularly write in to express their thanks to Chanda for being a beacon of hope, and for working to raise awareness about being a caregiver of someone living with ALS.

Chanda serves as Vice Chairperson of the Brigance Brigade Foundation Board of Directors. She and her husband have raised well over $1 million for the fight against ALS since they were diagnosed with the disease in 2007. In 2016, Chanda was honored as the GridIron Greats Woman of the Year for her work with the ALS community (Prescription Cephalexin 500mg).

Board of Directors


O.J. Brigance, Chairman
Co-Founder, Brigance Brigade Foundation

Chanda Brigance, Vice Chairman
Co-Founder, Brigance Brigade Foundation

Dawn Lichtenberg, Secretary
Director of Operations in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Mercy Medical Center

Anna Vitale Lybrook, Treasurer
Shareholder, Stoy, Malone & Company, PC


Tammy Edwards
Advertising, Marketing & Customer Service Representative at Tim’s Automotive Services

Andreas T. Dailey, Sr.
Financial Professional, Prudential Financial, Inc.

Mike Gathagan

Jeff Judge
Founder, Chesapeake Wealth Concepts

Christian Mester
Partner, McCarthy, Winkelman & Mester

Tom Mohler
Partner, RK&K

Larry Smith
Vice President, Risk Management Services, MedStar Health

Lori Smyth
Promotions Director, 98 Rock & WBAL Radio

Gary S. Williams
President, Williams Asset Management

Senator Francis Kelly, Emeritus Member
Former Maryland State Senator & current Chairman of Kelly & Associates Insurance Group, Inc.

Francis X. Kelly III, Emeritus Member
Chief Executive Officer, Kelly & Associates Insurance Group, Inc.

Amanda Mummert

Foundation Director

Amanda Mummert joined the Brigance Brigade Foundation in December 2015 as its Foundation Director. Amanda holds a Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Management from Notre Dame of Maryland University and has been a licensed practical nurse for more than ten years. The only daughter of a registered nurse and a devoted advocate to worker rights, Amanda always set out with “help people” in mind. The determination to help people and to make each day count are what drive Amanda to equip, encourage, and empower people with ALS.

Prior to work with the Foundation, Amanda managed Health Homes, at Humanim. The program’s purpose is to ensure that all clients of Humanim’s Behavioral Health programs live healthy and long lives in the community. Amanda fully operationalized the Health Homes program and was responsible for the management of its goals, staff, and budget. Prior to working at Humanim and during graduate school, Amanda was Assistant to the President at the Maryland Association of Nonprofit Organizations, assisting with many components of the organization, including acting as board liaison and supporting each department of the organization.

Amanda recently served a term on the board of PACT, a division of Kennedy Krieger Institute and as a volunteer with Christalis, a nonprofit that is responsible for the operations of an orphanage in Uganda. In addition to working at the Brigance Brigade Foundation, and part-time on weekends as a LPN, Amanda currently sits on the board of the Dundalk Renaissance Corporation and volunteers with her community association and PA Vent Camp, a week-long summer camp for children who use ventilators.

EmailZithromax Buy Online India
Phone: (410) 878-2030 x 14