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Champion Spotlight:

Nov. 15, 2008; Robert Sedlack at a football game, 2008. (Photo by Matt Cashore)“I lost my best friend of over 35 years to ALS in what was a very difficult experience. I met Robert when we were in middle school, and we were like brothers from the beginning. As he became an amazing artist, teacher and father our friendship continued to grow.

Watching a person who changed the world with his work in education be broken down physically and mentally by this terrible disease was enough for me to realize that I needed to get more involved in helping to find a cure. I joined up with the Brigance Brigade in hopes of not only helping to find that cure, but also helping people currently fighting their battle with the disease, so that we can put a stop to the people we love being taken from us by this crippling disease.” – Jack B

Jack’s story is not uncommon, ALS robs this world of wonderful people like Robert and we commend Jack for dedicating his time and efforts to help families that like of his friend. Thank you Jack, your selfless volunteering is making a positive influence in the lives of people battling ALS. We are grateful to have you on the team!