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Brigance Brigade Foundation
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The Brigance Brigade Foundation’s mission is to equip, encourage, and empower people living with ALS. We strive to improve the quality of life for patients and their families by providing access to needed equipment, resource guidance and support services. Our grants allow patients and families to continue to live their lives in dignity and as independently as possible. Examples of those positively impacted by the Brigance Brigade Foundation’s grants include:

  • Harry, who received vital home health care at a time of great need. Harry’s elderly mother and only caregiver was able to receive respite while undergoing chemotherapy for her own battle with cancer.
  • Scott, father of three, who received a wheelchair that enabled him to keep up with his kids and continue to be active with his family.
  • Effie, who received support to help build a ramp at her home; allowing her to leave her house, a task she otherwise could not do.
  • Lynn, who received an augmentative communication device which allowed her to once again communicate with family and friends.


Who Qualifies: Individuals with a confirmed diagnosis of ALS and their family caregivers are eligible to receive support from the Brigance Brigade Foundation.

How to Apply: Grant Applications must be completed on the applicant’s behalf by a licensed social worker from an ALS or other approved nonprofit organization, or a medical professional on the patient’s medical care team. Each grant request is reviewed and decided upon on a case-by-case basis in concert with the Foundation’s Grant Guidelines.

Individuals and family members seeking to borrow equipment from our loan closet may apply at any time and will receive a prompt reply. Grant Applications are provided upon request at info@brigancebrigade.org or 410-878-2030.



Brigance Brigade Foundation annual audited financial statements and IRS form 990 available upon request.