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“My Darling Husband” by Janet FitzPatrick

My Darling Husband,

One year ago, ALS entered our lives. We began our New Journey.
So many things have been taken mercilessly from us, but we have held on to each other and to God. Our love has grown stronger together.
Your voice is now gone, but I can see the love in your eyes when you look at me. I imagine that you are whispering my name, and telling me that you love me.
Your steps are weakened and unsteady, but I can assist and guide you wherever you need to go. Your strength is waning, but I can still hug and hold you tightly.
You can not eat or swallow, so I tube feed you, which nourishes your fading body.
I see the tears in your eyes when you can no longer do even the simplest task. It’s O.K., Darling. I pray for, and will be given the strength to do all that needs to be done.
I know you are dismayed when you realize how expensive battling this disease has become. So many accommodations to be made, to our home and our lives. I will gladly make each of these changes, even if they will only give you a moment of relief, joy, or comfort.
You are still my loving husband, David. ALS can not take the “you” inside of you away from me.

I know this next year will be a great challenge for us. I pray that God will give me the strength and courage to let go of your hand, when HE says it’s time to grasp HIS, and walk with HIM, with renewed strength and voice, into Heaven.
Until that day arrives, we will live each moment to the fullest, enjoying each other’s company and all the blessings that have been given to us.
ALS, you attack and continue to take so much from us, despite this, our faith and hope remain, while our love for God and each other grows more secure, and much stronger than ever imagined.

I love you now and forever,